How to relax your body at your work station?

For the first time in the history of human kind, more people sit at a place to make their living; the phenomenon is called ‘desk job’. Desk job puts several parts of your body under stress. Spine, neck, wrist, hip and eyes are most hit body parts by desk job. You can do simple exercises to relax your body parts at your desk itself. Following are some tips.

Maintain good ergonomics: Ensure that you have table which is large enough to keep all your belongings, chair which supports your spine, keep your foot on the ground, arm rest of the chair should be at the level of key board and the monitor of your computer should be at the level of your eyes.

Relax your neck and shoulders: Your neck and shoulder are at constant stress while you work on computer, it is kept still unknowingly when you are absorbed in work and muscles of neck and shoulder get strain. Once in a while (say once in 30 min) rotate your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise two to three times, this relaxes your neck muscles. Similarly, you can rotate your shoulder to relax shoulder muscles.

Relax your wrist: Another body part that stays still and on desk for long time, especially when you have to type for long time. Your wrist is under pressure constantly and you may get carpal tunnel syndrome (severe wrist pain). You have to frequently relax your wrist by rotating it. You also have to relax your fingers by constantly closing and opening the fist.

If you sit for 30 min, walk at least for 3 or 4 min: When you are sitting for long time, your spine, hip and legs are constantly under pressure. Walking in between can help to relax muscles as well as to improve blood circulation to legs. So, avoid using intercom, instead go and talk to your colleagues. Instead of meeting your colleague in conference room, walk with them and discuss. You can twist your body seated on the chair from one side to other to relax your back muscles.

Take your gaze off the monitor: Eye is one of the most stressed body part in a desk job. When you are absorbed in work, you even forget to blink your eyes. So, do not forget to blink your eyes. Once in a while shift your gaze from computer and look at other natural things or wall. You can close your eyes and massage them with palm of your hands gently heated by rubbing on each other.

Stretch: Stretching your body parts is the best way to relax your muscles. Take time in between your busy work and stretch your arms, hands, legs and spine. This will make you feel better and relax your muscles.

In tiring, demanding and absorbing desk job, it is important not to ignore your body. If you have healthy body, you have healthy career. So, relax your body parts on frequent intervals during desk job.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Please consult a qualified doctor before taking any decisions regarding recommendations in the article or for more information

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